Crater Face

Coffee Scrub

  • acne
  • combo
  • dry
  • eczema
  • KP
  • magnesium
  • oily
  • sensitive

Dance to the beat under the midnight sun while you sparkle and shine in the celestial fun. Move your feet to our cosmic beat as the Gods pound their drums. Step in time to our galactic rhyme -- shake, shimmer and glow.  Glow, baby glow!

You are sure to be the talk of the galaxy as they swoon with envy at your silky soft galactic glow. Let the creamy coarse coffee grounds get into every nook, cranny and crater clearing out moon dirt and debris.

This is step 3 in our 4-Step Essential Routine to get that Galactic Glow on! Read more about our 4-Step Process here.

Use regularly to polish, cleanse, detox and gently exfoliate impurities and clean clogged pores.

Place a small amount on spoon, spatula or face brush and spread all over the face. Gently glide fingers in a circular motion moving the coffee grounds around the face. Rinse immediately or allow to dry and then rinse off.

For oily skin use several times a week. For dryer skin use daily. Follow up with our Cosmic Whip Face + Eye Cream.

Made with microfine coffee grounds from the finest Certified Organic Coffee Beans this side of the galaxy -- we support Corner Perk Roasting Room in downtown Bluffton.

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Why it works

Goat Kefir

Rich in Lactic Acid (an Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which balances the Ph levels of the skin. Lactic acid also helps exfoliate , removing the top layer of dead skin, and moisturize at the same time reducing fine lines, wrinkles and revealing the more youthful, gorgeous glowing skin beneath.

Organic Coffee

Known to help acne due to its deep exfoliating properties which gently remove dead skin cells to reveal new skin. It is a great solution for those suffering from breakouts as the antioxidants in coffee can help soothe red and inflamed skin. Exfoliating with this organic coffee scrub will leave the skin smooth and glowing!


Known as the beauty mineral in traditional Chinese medicine, magnesium stimulates DHEA production in the skin which slows down the aging process. It is necessary for the enzymes that regulate DNA replication and repair. It reduces breakouts, tackles skin allergies and evens out skin tone. Insufficient magnesium results in lower levels of fatty acids on the skin which contributes to rapid aging -- increased wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone, loss of elasticity, loss of moisture, inflamed and dry skin. Eczema is also related to magnesium deficiency. 



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A skin care routine that’s simple, effective and clean!

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