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Acne, eczema, skin dysbiosis, psoriasis are all due to the war going on inside of you between minerals and bacteria. When you're depleted of precious, essential minerals the bacteria, fungi, mold, parasites, pathogens are allowed to take over and manifest themselves in many ways. One vehicle they love to express themselves through is your skin. Harness the power of minerals and balance your bacteria and improve your skin  with this revolutionary skin care technology!

MoonEssential Minerals Skin Care (formerly known as Real Simple Soaps, LLC) products have 8 naturally occurring skin restoring and anti-aging super properties that give you the most bang for your buck:

  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Capric-Caprylic Triglycerides
  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Lactic Acid
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (aha’s)
  • Amino Acids 

 Why Goat Milk & Kefir?About Me Moon Essential

Goat Milk & Kefir are a nutritional powerhouse for your skin. They contain precious skin minerals like Selenium and Vitamin A, the most important vitamin for skin health. They are enriched with high amounts of protein, fat, iron, B6, B12, C, D, E, and many more. These vitamins and minerals help slow the aging process and offer anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritated skin. They give the skin what it needs to repair, add elasticity and retain moisture. 

Goat Milk & Kefir are rich in essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids have a unique PH similar to humans so it is more easily absorbed, less irritating and moisturizing. The molecular structure of the proteins and fatty acids are smaller and shorter than cow's milk making them easily absorbed by your skin. Because of the fat molecule content and the vitamin and mineral content goat milk & kefir have an anti-inflammatory effect. 

Got Milk & Kefir add moisture and nourishment to the skin because of the capric-caprylic triglyceride. Capric-caprylic triglyceride is an effective moisturizer that helps contribute to skin softness by forming a barrier on the skin to inhibit the loss of moisture. It works with and  helps protect your skins fragile hydrolipidic film keeping the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. Goat milk is the ONLY milk that contains naturally occurring capric-caprylic triglycerides.

Goat Kefir contains approximately 40+ strands of beneficial bacteria, it can be applied topically with amazing benefits and results. Lactobacilli will help regulate and recover the ph balance in your skin cells. It also helps cleanse the skin from harmful substances and pollution. Not only that, kefir also contains a form of lactic acid (an Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which helps in balancing ph levels of the skin thus reducing the occurrence of fine lines, wrinkles and slowing the process of aging.

Goat Milk & Kefir each contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), also known as α-hydroxy acids. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are often found in many anti-aging products, night creams, chemical peels and spas to reduce wrinkles, freckles, dark spots, scar tissue and signs of aging which improve the overall appearance and feel of the skin. 

AHA’s are often isolated and used as chemical peels by dissolving the lipids that hold old, dry skin cells together. This removes and exfoliates this layer of dead skin, exposing and revealing the new skin beneath giving you a gorgeous radiant glow.

Goat milk & kefir contains amino acids which are very important and integral component for hydration of the skin. Amino acids are also antioxidants and do not allow skin to fade.

Tying it altogether, goat milk and kefir will nourish, repair, rejuvenate and restore your skin so it not only glows but looks and feels younger. Each MoonEssential Mineral products are packed full of these naturally occurring super properties giving your skin all the treatment it needs to replenish, rejuvenate, restore, brighten and deliver a radiant glow.

My Story

About Me Moon Essential

MoonEssential Minerals formerly known as Real Simple Soaps, LLC was founded in my kitchen in Chicago in 2017. My background is in fitness and holistic nutrition. While I have many certifications in the fitness world, it was my declining health that was the catalyst to push me into alternative, holistic health and wellness. I started making my own skin care when I became sick and discovered all the toxic chemicals I was exposing myself to everyday. Enlightened, I started throwing out everything and exploring how to make my own products for skin care, hair care and even cleaning. Before long I was making products for my family and friends and with a little nudge from those people Real Simple Soaps, LLC came to life. 

I'm changing people's lives with my revolutionary skin care products. I'm eliminating unnecessary pain and suffering of many people with my products and that is so inspiring to me. To hear their stories and testimonies, it really motivates me! 

Today MoonEssential Minerals is located on Hilton Head Island, SC. I specialize in crafting artisanal organic nutritional skin care products. My personal skin care range is made from organic ingredients and premium essential oils to revitalize your body and skin with each use. Relish in healthier glowing skin, embrace Mother Nature's apothecary and boost your natural beauty with MoonEssential Minerals Revolutionary Skin Care.

The Products

About Me Moon Essential The Products

Product Line Includes:
Goat Kefir Mineral Face Masks
Goat Kefir Mineral Coffee Scrub
Goat Milk & Kefir Mineral Face & Eye Cream
Goat Milk Cleansing Milk
Goat Milk & Kefir Mineral Lotions
MoonMag Calming Magnesium Lotion
MoonMag Beast Butter Extra Strength
MoonMag Lala Creme
Goat Milk & Kefir Soaps

My Mission

About Me Essential Minerals My Story

All food-grade, premium, organic ingredients. Gluten Free, Corn Free, Soy Free, no GMO's, parabens, petrochemicals or phthalates. No alcohol. Even the colors are from clays or made from scratch infusions of organic herbs and spices! No synthetic fragrances, No synthetic ingredients, No heavy metals, mica, dyes, pigments, cosmetic pigments or artificial ingredients!

I make everything out of my kitchen with my own hands. I source my raw, fresh goat milk from an award winning goat milk dairy farmer in Anderson, South Carolina called Split Creek Farms. I hand make each batch of Goat Milk Kefir with this fresh, raw goat milk and with heirloom kefir grains.

All products are living and are meant to be used in a timely manner. While each product does contain a natural preservative, they are NOT meant to sit on a shelf or in a drawer.