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Try before you buy. You can now try our all-natural, organic Vital Vortex Pain Relief Cream and our eXtra Strength Supernova Pain Relief Body Butter to see if they stop your everyday chronic pain in its tracks. You will know within a few minutes whether either of these will work for you without committing to a full-size bottle or jar. Shipping is FREE, but each bag must be purchased individually. 

Each bag contains:

  • Vital Vortex Pain Relief Cream
  • Supernova Body Butter - Extra Strength


Use on your entire body regularly, anywhere that needs soothing, relaxing, and revitalizing. Let it dry and reapply until the pain is relieved. This body butter is excellent for muscle cramps and relaxing overworked muscles. Get a heavenly night’s sleep after massaging the butter into your abdomen, chest, and back 30 minutes before bed.

The magnesium chloride in our Supernova Body Butter is not diluted so it is like highly concentrated ocean water and may itch or sting when applied which usually subsided within minutes but provides disinfecting and mineral healing.

*You should always test a small area of skin to ensure no irritation or negative reaction occurs.

You shouldn’t have to live with severe aches and pains. If at first, our Magnesium Cream doesn’t do the trick, our Supernova Magnesium Butter should be your next step. This butter WILL leave a residue, but it will deeply hydrate your skin. 



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