Vital Vortex

Magnesium Relief Cream

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  • magnesium
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Better than CBD Oil, Lidocaine, Tylenol, and many more!

This cream deeply penetrates into the muscles to restore and revitalize your aching body. This is excellent for sore muscles, muscle cramps, charlie horses, joint, knee, back, elbow, and shoulder pain.

Infuse your skin with soft starlight using our Vital Vortex Magnesium Relief Cream. Deeply nourish and instantly soothe tired, aching, and sore muscles with this silky-soft magic cream. It does not leave a greasy residue, making it the perfect everyday use cream. Use anywhere that needs soothing and revitalizing on the entire body. *Individual results may vary.

Learn the 10 Signs of magnesium deficiency

Use on your entire body regularly, anywhere that needs soothing, relaxing, and revitalizing. Let it dry and reapply. Use generously and often throughout the day. We offer 3 sizes: our 1.7oz and 3.4 oz come in an airless pump container and the 12oz bathroom counter size comes in a traditional pump. 

Things To Do:
  • Massage on tired, sore, or tight muscles.
  • Use preemptively after a workout to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness.
  • Massage on the bottoms of feet to decrease or eliminate foot cramps.
  • Massage on any part of the body 30 minutes before bed for a more restful sleep.
  • Massage on legs before bed to prevent restless leg syndrome.
  • Massage around neck, throat, and thyroid areas to support thyroid health.
  • Massage gently on bruises to accelerate healing.
  • You CAN wash Magnesium Body Butter off if the itching feels too intense, but try to wait at least 45 minutes after application to ensure maximum absorption.
Things To Avoid:
    • Avoid applying magnesium cream on open cuts or wounds, it may burn.
    • DO NOT use Magnesium cream on the genital area. Make sure to wash your hands AFTER applying to the skin before touching private or sensitive areas. Trust us on this one.
    • While you can use this magnesium lotion on the face, it’s very likely to burn and itch in the beginning. 

*Always test a small area of skin to ensure no irritation or negative reaction occurs.

Magnesium Chloride is a highly concentrated saltwater and may itch or sting when applied, (which subsides in a minute or two) but provides disinfecting properties and mineral-powered healing.

Only 29 pieces in stock!


Only 29 pieces in stock!


Why it works

Goat Milk & Kefir

Rich with vitamins and minerals to nourish and restore the skin. Abundant with good bacteria to balance the ph of the skin and restore the skin's microbiome. 


Is an analgesic. When rubbed on the skin it quickly absorbs into the tissues of the body instantly providing deep relief. Magnesium also stimulates DHEA production. DHEA is the most prevalent steroid hormone in the body and is known as the 'youth hormone'. Low magnesium is associated with low DHEA. DHEA and magnesium levels drop dramatically as people age. Magnesium is known for its relaxing and calming effects on the nervous system -- when used 30 minutes before bed it will help induce sleep faster and promote deeper, more restful sleep while eliminating restless leg syndrome. 

Pure Aloe Vera

Rich in antioxidants Vitamins A, C, E and Magnesium -- aka the beauty mineral -- this is additional protection, nourishment and anti-aging benefits.


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

The Magnesium moisturizer is incredible. I have MS and it has been so incredibly helpful for muscle spasms in my legs and getting more peaceful, restful sleep. I cannot say enough about all the products from MOONMAG!


I have an extremely painful rare disease , as well as other connective tissue disorders and many co morbities that cause constant pain in every fiber, nerve , joint , muscle , bone , tissue and tendon of my being . This lotion is a staple for relaxing the tension in my crying body , it really helps my crab closed hands become unstuck and reduces the overall feeling of my over inflamed everything ! I use the other pain product Super Nova lotion balm for the overt excruciating pain in my hips , joints , back and areas of my painful tumors . My husband loves this to relax after long hard labor , and our son after gym over doing it ! Our house is obsessed with this amazing lotion ! Don’t ever change it , I’m allergic to many scents and lavender ( which is a calming thing in many pain products ) but this has none of that !! Thank you Jesus ! & thank you Freda for keeping the lotions and balms essential oil & scent free for us Spoonies ( pretending it’s for us - haha ) , and for increasing the size !!! I love Moon Mag !! Again Obsesssssssssssssssseddddddd !

Even the kid is hooked!!!

Soooo, I’m a huge fan of MoonMag’s Vital Vortex. So much that I recommended it to my son over the summer. Partly because he expects me to roll him out with his foam roller when he’s sore and simply because I love this stuff. So for a few days, I rubbed him down with Vital Vortex after his workouts. Initially, he wasn’t sure if his muscles just recovered or if the cream works. Fast forward to it being time for my son to pack up and return to college. I was so lovingly informed that I needed to buy myself more Vital Vortex because he was taking my bottle back to school with him. I guess he realized it works 👍.

Toni, this is awesome!!! Thank you!
I love love love my Moonmah!!!!!

Worked just like you said it would! I highly recommend this product for all types of aches and pains!

Achilles Tendon Pain Gone

When I first learned about this pain relief cream I was very skeptical. I really thought it was snake oil. But, my Achilles tendons on both of my legs hurt so much and cause me a great deal of pain, especially in the mornings upon waking up. I bought some and rubbed it on immediately while I was still with Freda. I wanted to really see her reaction if it didn't work. We were talking and about 5 minutes went by and I stood up and started walking around. I cannot tell you how incredible this Pain Relief Cream is. The PAIN WAS GONE! Years of pain gone in less than 5 minutes! I want to invest in this product because it is magic, a miracle in a bottle sent from heaven. I'm 55 years old and I don't want to be in pain. I want to feel good. This cream did that in 5 minutes!

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