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Remember as a kid when you got the cute note, "I think you stink." Yeah, that was cute and funny back then.... not so much as an adult. Don't be that guy! 

Stop body odor in its tracks with this new all natural goat milk and magnesium formulation. This deodorant cream takes the best ingredients in the most popular natural deodorants and combines them together in this unique formulation without any of the BS! Fast-acting, long lasting, neutralize odor and stay fresh while increasing your Magnesium levels!

Body odor is a sign of Magnesium deficiency, when you increase your Magnesium levels and keep them stable, your body odor will diminish. This can be used anywhere you sweat, in the beginning it may sting but will diminish with each use.

FACT: Contrary to popular belief, the yellow pit stains in your shirts are not caused by your sweat! It is the aluminum from your antiperspirant that is making this happen! 

Like any lotion, be sure to rub this into the arm pits until it fully absorbs. Let it dry for 1 to 2 minutes before dressing. You will get better results doing this.

Things To Know:

  • NODOR MAY sting, tickle or burn. This is on an individual basis and does NOT happen to everyone. Usually disappears with continued use.
  • Avoid using this deodorant cream on open cuts or wounds, it will burn.
  • You may find that you sweat more than usual if you just started using natural deodorant, it is because your body is deeply detoxing the pits. Sweat is the bodies way of purging the junk, harmful chemicals and toxins that have been stored up in the sweat glands from using commercial deodorants. Especially if they had aluminum in them. Aluminum works by clogging the sweat glands to keep them from sweating. It should go away within a month.

Yes, please! - naturally occurring probiotics, goat milk & kefir formulation, magnesium chloride, organic activated coconut charcoal, pure aloe vera, premium essential oils, 100% natural Vitamin E.

No Thank You - No aluminum! No baking soda! No pit staining! No BS!

Choose from 3 essential oil scents:

  • Peppermint & Juniper Berry
  • Lavender & Bergamot
  • Lavender & Juniper Berry

Your unique body chemistry (odor print) will determine which essential oil combination works best for you. You may find that you like 2 or 3 different creams for different occasions or purposes. Start with picking the scents that are most pleasing to your nose. Each formulation is exactly the same with the exception of the essential oils. 

Pure Aloe Vera is rich in antioxidants Vitamins A, C, E and Magnesium and also has antibacterial properties. This makes it one of the best remedies for eliminating underarm odor.  Used topically it can eliminate the bacteria responsible for causing smelly underarms.

Weight 1.7oz | 50ml

0.3 lb

Only 10 pieces in stock!


0.3 lb

Only 10 pieces in stock!


Why it works

Goat Milk & Kefir

Contain a form of lactic acid (an Alpha Hydroxy Acid) that help in balancing ph levels which keeps body odor away. Abundant with good bacteria to restore and rejuvenate the skins micro biome. 

Activated Charcoal

 Is carbon-rich which means that in can extract oil, dirt, and other gunk from clogged pores. It absorbs 1,000 times its own weight in moisture which helps to absorb underarm wetness. Plus, it deeply detoxifies and draws out bacteria.


Magnesium chloride is a highly soluble, potent form of magnesium for fast-acting topical use. Magnesium chloride is more easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Rubbed on the skin, it is absorbed into the tissues of the body thus increasing your magnesium levels and decreasing your odor.  


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