Why You Should Use Acids On Your Face

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If you are proactive and want to take preventative measures then acids are great for your face. They work by helping you get new skin quicker through a process dermatologists call “turnover.” New skin is shiny and bright and looks better than old skin. Dead cells absorb light rather than reflect it, resulting in dull-looking skin.

Goat Milk & Kefir are loaded with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) which are known to repair, restore and regenerate skin. They contain a form of lactic acid (an Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which helps in balancing ph levels of the skin thus reducing the occurrence of fine lines, wrinkles and slowing the process of aging. They contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), also known as α-hydroxy acids. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are often found in many anti-aging products, night creams, chemical peels, and spas to reduce wrinkles, freckles, dark spots, scar tissue and signs of aging which improve the overall appearance and feel of the skin. AHA’s are often isolated and used in chemical peels to dissolve the lipids that hold old, dry skin cells together. This removes and exfoliates this layer of dead skin, exposing and revealing the new skin beneath giving a gorgeous radiant glow.

Goat milk & kefir contain amino acids which are very important and integral components for hydration of the skin. Amino acids are also antioxidants and do not allow the skin to fade. Lactic acid is the rare acid that’s a moisturizing exfoliant. It’s a milder version of glycolic acid and is used for smoothing the skin, whether it be on your legs or your face. Its mildness makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin.

If you haven’t used any acids before and are nervous, try incorporating one of our Silky Milky Cleansing Milks into your routine. With a Cleansing Milk, you can limit the amount of contact time the acids have on the skin and avoid over-drying. 

The great thing about the acids in these products is their gentleness. Unlike a chemical peel where your face will be red, peeling and itchy for days -- even weeks -- these acids work slower. While you will notice immediate changes to your skin -- some changes will take a little longer. Acids should noticeably brighten and even out the skin; pigmentation, freckling, and unevenness will decrease over time (keyword being time). You will not necessarily ‘feel’ anything, but your skin should be smoother to the touch after a period of regular use. It is also quite easy to notice when you have overused acids: Your skin will appear red, irritated, itchy, and dry. If this occurs, stop the use of the product for a few days and amp up your Cosmic Whip Face + Eye Cream application.

Every MoonMag product is packed with these amazing acids -- Lactic Acid, Essential Fatty Acids, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids. You are basically exfoliating your entire body with each use! Using these products on a regular basis is Mother Nature's chemical peel without the harsh chemicals and downtime! 

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